Creatures & Treasures (1985)

Not gonna lie, mostly including Creatures & Treasures (1985) this week because I’ve always loved this cover art by Chris White. So good, so spooky, so many questions. Why isn’t the guy stone? Did those monsters used to be monsters but are now statues or are they monsters that used to be monsters but are now statues that still move? And how much are Medusa’s property taxes? Cuz that house looks BIG.

Anyway, as you might have guessed, this is a book of monsters and treasures. This being an Iron Crown book, my standard complaint about Iron Crown books never having enough monster art inside is in effect (though the art that is in there, by Stephan Peregrine, is pretty swell). This being a Rolemaster book, there are far more charts than you’d expect in a monster book. That said, there is a pretty solid selection of critters here, plenty of which are weird, though nothing terribly earth shattering.

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