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Dragon Magazine #125

I dug out Dragon Magazine 125, from September of 1987, because it has the same cover art as the Greyhawk Wars. When I posted about that box, some commenters were like “sure looks like King Arthur,” and I was like, “Naaaah,” and then someone was like, “Dragon Magazine 125, man,” and I was thoroughly humiliated and embarrassed.

Nah, just kidding. I don’t know everything and welcome corrections like that. That said, I am kicking myself for not realizing it sooner, because taking a closer look the truth of it is pretty obvious. The painting is zoomed in a touch and you can really appreciate the detail better on the Dragon cover. It was painted by Roger Raupp and displays his painstaking historical research he did to present accurate armor and fortifications circa 500AD. I love it. Though now it strikes me as strange that TSR used it for Greyhawk Wars.

The features are arranged around knightly and chivalrous subjects. I quite like the Ecology of the Greenhag article as well, as I strongly associate chivalrous knights and hags thanks to the Pendragon RPG.

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