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Fatal Experiments (1990)

Fatal Experiments (1990) collects just three scenarios. The first is a solid gold classic. I am not sure about the others.

Let’s get those out the way. There’s “The Songs of Fantari” which is about Deep Ones (CoC’s fish people) returning to an Italian island to conduct scientific experiments on humans. The other, “The Lurker in the Crypt,” involves ghouls, disappearances in New York City and attempts to create human/tentacle monster hybrids. Both stray into territory more yucky than scary and the latter seems like a punishing dungeon crawl besides.

“Tatterdemalion,” though. That’s the stuff. The King in Yellow. A Halloween masquerade. A series of ghastly murders. The climax asks a lot from players, maybe too much, but that is easy enough to fudge. Overall, an excellent bit of work.

Earl Geier has some great illustrations in here. Moody, strange. I love his King in Yellow. I’m a bit underwhelmed by Lee Gibbon’s cover art, depicting a Deep One scientist.

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