Darker than Darkness (1991)

Darker than Darkness (1991) is the first module supporting the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game (and nearly the last, as there is only one other that saw print).

Like the previous adventure, this one is the same pick-your-path format intended for a GM to present to the players. I dig this approach, honestly. It is on rails, sure, but it really does lower the barrier to entry for new GMs. The two stories are intertwined and involve the exploration of a barrow (and battle with its wights) and the removal of a local bandit chief. Gandalf hangs around for some of the action. The barrows are handled pretty well, but there isn’t much really surprising. But that is OK, since these are beginner adventures. They are pretty good at showing players, and GMs, the ropes, not just of the Iron Crown games, but TTRPGs in general.

Another great cover by Angust McBride, depicting Black Riders outside of Bree. The interior art is fine, but doesn’t touch McBride.

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