Movie Novelizations

Whenever I post about movie novelizations, y’all are shockingly enthusiastic. Because of that, and because I don’t know how long it will be before I get another chance to justify this, I figured I would just, you know, post a bunch.

I love novelizations. I love how hacked out they often are. I love finding one that is actually good (Alan Dean Foster’s Alien novelization is a legit great read, as is the legendary Gremlins 2). I love how some reveal scenes and characterizations that never made it into the movie (the bank heist from Escape From New York, for instance). I love finding novelizations of movies that in no way, shape or form deserved to be novelized. I love how the represent a particular need for access to the material in movies when it was not otherwise available.

I don’t love how VHS reduced the need for novelizations and how the internet mostly killed them.

Anyway, novelizations are a delightful bit of pop culture flotsam. I’ve got piles of these, but this selection is a good representation of the weird, the cool and the relevant to RPGs.  

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