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Welcome to the Megaverse, folks. This week on the Vintage RPG Podcast, we take a look at Palladium’s Rifts. Introduced in 1990, Rifts is like all of 90s nerd culture smooshed into one gonzo RPG. Mixing genres with wild abandon it is perhaps the ultimate form of the age old comic shop game “Who Would Win in a Fight?” Sorcerers and aliens and superheroes and biomechanical aliens and interdimensional beings and mutants and knights and the four horsemen of the apocalypse and mechs and more all rub shoulders with each other here, pushing each new sourcebook further over the top, so don your Glitterboy armor, pray to your gods and dive in. I hope you like explosions.

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5 thoughts on “Rifts

  1. This episode made me remember a quote from The Wit and Weirdness of Al Bruno III. “If Ronnie James Dio and Piers Anthony wrote a role playing game it would be RIFTS.”

  2. fyi Glitterboy armour is a special alloy that reflects laser blasts…the armour glitters. The skulls is imagery of the Coalition (Rifts Nazi empire). I agree the math made the system too much but I loved the basic storyline concept. I also agree Kevin Long made the game accessible.

    1. Great episode! I love Rifts and played it in the mid-90s when I was in my 20s. The mechanics aren’t the best and there is no game balance whatsoever. But it was still a blast.

      1. This episode makes me feel old. Like a Dogboy in coalition armor who’s assaulted too many alien slave barges with sexy blind assassins.

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