Arena of Khazan (1982)

Unlike most of the other Tunnels & Trolls solos I’ve read, Arena of Khazan (originally 1979, this edition 1982) isn’t a dungeon. As the name implies, it centers on arena combat for the entertainment of the Death Goddess and her citizenry. That’s all this is, combat after brutal combat, against people, against animals, against monsters. Character longevity is…not high.

Perhaps not the most thrilling T&T solo, unless you love T&T combat (I kind of do, but arena combat has never really been my thing). However, I love the art for this one. I’m always down for some Gene Day. I am also always down for some weird ass gladiator helmets. I was utterly shocked, though, when I saw the interior art was by Peter Laird of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame. Some great stuff here. I particularly like the three-eyed ogre and the properly wingless manticore.

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