Beyond the Silvered Pane (1983)

Beyond the Silvered Pane (originally 1978, this edition 1983) is a Tunnels & Trolls solo adventure. I chose it because I really like the cover by James Talbot. Between the art and the typography, I find this period of T&T covers to be very pleasing . Liz Danforth did all the interior illustrations, which I am always here for.

Interesting thing about T&T solos – they are right there at the inception of modern interactive fiction. The first Choose Your Own Adventure hit shelves in 1975, the first T&T solo showed up in 1976. While not the first modern pick-your-path books, T&T solos, which obviously use all the T&T mechanics and dice rolling, are the first adventure gamebooks (something Fighting Fantasy often gets credit for, despite arriving six years after T&T). Pretty neat.

Silvered Pane is a solo adventure in short segments, each segment being a challenge of a particular sort on the other side of a mirror. These challenges can be done individually, or as a “mirror marathon.” There are 15 of them, so either way you’ve got a lot of adventuring to do. There are amazons and giant octopi and vampires and a peculiar one-eyes statue and a cursed obelisk and even a touch of gross sexism, because that was probably inevitable, alas.

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