Dungeon Magazine #23

Dungeon 23 (May/June 1990) has a pretty sweet cover by Carol Heyer, who was doing a lot of work for D&D at this point in time. I like this one a lot, but I’m a sucker for minotaurs. She’d later collaborate with the Fonz on a series of children’s books.

The cover adventure is about ogre magi, not minotaurs and, like the cover, the theme is looks can be deceiving. It’s fine. So are the rest. The one that probably holds my attention most is The Pyramid of Jenkel, in which the pyramid is actually the roof of a buried clock tower. Cool environment for a delve. I am also really creeped out by Terry Dykstra’s lava mephit illustration. Those individual sweat droplets, something about them. You ever see the digital art of Uno Moralez? Kind of gets those creepy vibes for me.

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