Ivinia (1985)

As I mentioned yesterday, the methodical pace at which Crossby detailed Harn meant he ran out of Harn that needed detailing rather fast. So he started in on the other continent. The Harnic kingdom of Orbaal was conquered by a Viking analog, so their homeland was the next logical stop. Thus, the Ivinia box set (1985).

The material is organized along the same lines as the initial Harn folio – one book providing an regional, cultural and historical overview (surprise: there are several kindgoms and they all hate each other), another book serving as an encyclopedia of fine grain details. All illustrated by Eric Hotz, with another gorgeous map by Crossby. Ivinia, as you might imagine, is very fjordy.

Where Harn is very “England under the Normans,” squint at Ivinia and you’ll see the Vikings of our world. I don’t really go ga-ga for Vikings, so I am a bit less excited about Ivinia than I am about literally every other part of the campaign setting. But that’s a me thing. The quality, detail and cohesion are at the same level as the other material.

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