Haunter of the Moor (1985)

Probably the least exciting of the module covers featured this week, Haunter of the Moor (1985) is also one of the sturdiest and most intriguing of the Chill adventures I’ve read.

Unlike most, this one is pretty unified in its vibe of straight ahead horror. The module is divided into three scenarios. The first, in the late 1800s, involves a woman haunted by a demon dog (a barghest!). The second, in the 1940s, takes place nearby and involves werewolves (and, weirdly, is called Bad Moon Rising, which is the name of another Chill adventure out the same year). The finale, set in the modern day, involves the now malevolent ghost of the woman from the first scenario (who was killed by the barghest).

I’m intrigued by this one I think because I am currently running the revised Horror on the Orient Express, which uses a similar mechanic of time hoping to flesh out the story. That felt novel when I first read it four years ago, so finding a similar approach here, back in 1985, was pretty exciting. I am not sure I can think of any other games, before or after, that take a similar approach, even time travel games like FASA’s Doctor Who or Yaquinto’s Timeship.

Anyway, a solid outing. The biggest knock is that the module doesn’t include pregenerated characters for the historical portions.

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