Goblin Lake (1979)

I don’t have another suitably old school D&D product to round out the week, but I do have this odd little Tunnels & Trolls solo adventure.

This is Goblin Lake (1979), the promised first in a series of pocket adventures for T&T. There seems to have only been three pocket adventures produced. I can’t find much on this one aside of that. Ken St. Andre penned it and Liz Danforth did the art, which is pretty swell. Big fan of her goblins.

The adventure, in which you take on the role of a goblin, is brief, mostly deadly and a bit simple – go in, get some treasure, don’t die, get out. You inevitably deal with other goblins. By which I mean attempt to kill them. Its fine! Nothing earth shattering. But it is connected somehow to the Dungeon of the Bear, which is a classic T&T adventure for group play. Need to snag that.

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