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Villains of Volturnus (1983)

Villains of Volturnus (1983) sees Jean Blashfield give Rose Estes a break. The eighth book in the Endless Quest series ties into the Star Frontiers RPG.  

So, looking for positives here. I guess, first, there is the cover, by Larry Elmore. Its a decent cover that feels like Star Frontiers. I like the variety of headgear worn by the folks in the foreground. I also get some pleasingly Atari vibes here. It is fun to see Jim Roslof do some cartoony sci-fi adventure illustrations inside. Overall, the book reps stuff from the Star Frontiers RPG well.  

That’s about it though, the rest of this is trash, basically. It reminds me a lot of the HeartQuest books, actually, where your protagonist is pretty useless and spends the book looking for capable characters to do things on their behalf. That’s just no fun. Did I mention that you wind up on Volturnus when you school field trip ship crashes? Yea. It is like every new Endless Quest is racing the others to the bottom of the barrel.  

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