Eiserne Jungfrau Postcard (c. 1910)

No deep thoughts on this one, it is just a pretty wild fold-out novelty postcard of the famous Eiserne Jungfrau, or the Iron Maiden of Nurnberg. It dates from the 1910s. There are a surprising number of postcards featuring the Iron Maiden of Nurnberg (I wonder what the Baedeker’s Handbook for Germany has to say about it).

Iron Maidens are a fabrication created in the 1800s to illustrate the supposed barbarity of the Medieval period (which says a lot more about those folks in the 1800s than it does people from the Middle Ages, I think). While cool and terrifying, there is no evidence they were ever used as a device for torture or execution. They did, of course, provide the name of one of the greatest metal bands of all time!

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