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Cold Drake (1984)

Cold Drake is a big monster, more than a match for any given human warrior, so it makes for an excellent chance to team up a bunch of fighters against it. I don’t quite understand the multiplayer rules for Lost Worlds, but I am also not really trying that hard. I don’t imagine they are all the complex if you’re serious about trying it.

The Cold Drake is kiiiiinda doofy. I get way more “puppy wants to play” vibes than “terrifying dragon going to eat you” vibes. Shades of Falkor from Neverending Story, too, maybe? I am not real sure when this was actually published, so it is hard to say if there is a direct influence from the film.

Oh, one more thing about Lost Worlds, at least the ones published by Nova: they smartly included coupons for corresponding Ral Partha minis. Good marketing synergy!

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