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Stormbringer (1987)

In 1987, Games Workshop issued a UK version of Chaosium’s Stormbringer RPG. In a way, it is Elric coming home, as Moorcock is perhaps the biggest influence in British fantasy outside of the Oxford boys. His conception of Chaos is inarguably important to Games Workshop.

The rules are a straight reprint of Chaosium’s second edition and include the entirety of the first Stormbringer Companion, so the real seller here is the new art. Some of it is great! I love that oh-so-Games-Workshop Peter Jones cover art. Some of it is crap filler. A lot of it is recycled from the American version, though there winds up being room for some additional Frank Brunner color plates, which is a tasty treat. The cover sports a very sharp looking version of the Eternal Champion logo which looks much nicer than the distinctly bicycle-esque version on some American products (Friday’s post has one).

Aside of that, same old Stormbringer, by which I mean a fantastic, classic RPG about inevitable dooms, unearthly power and what players are willing to trade for it. Good times! Not bleak at all!

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