Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards (1992)

I find myself saying more and more that whenever I think I’ve squeezed the last drop of weird out of the world of RPGs, I go and find something that blows my mind again. And so it was when I pulled the Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards RPG out of a box of old RPG books I had bought. What on earth?

So, Wizards is a 1977 animated film by Ralph Bakshi. It is deeply weird, a post-apocalyptic yarn about a war between science and magic. There is a ton of sexually provocative imagery, drugs, Nazis, mutants, elves, and more. If I ever knew how to parse the film, I have lost the knack now. I do like the design of the character Peace, who is there on the cover, but I kind of hate that cover art’s take on the far superior movie poster. Ian Miller did some work on the film. Mark Hammill’s got a voice credit too.

So, fast forward fifteen years and Whit Publications decided what the world needed was an RPG adaptation of a psychedelic cult classic cartoon. I have no idea why this exists. I am often not a fan of using black and white movie stills to illustrate a book, but I truly don’t understand why they chose to fill this book with crummy drawings that imitate the movie art. The system is pretty shrug-worthy too. So many questions marks on this, so little desire to find the answers.

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