Judgement Day (1986)

I didn’t see Judgement Day (1986) coming (god, the intentional misspelling murders me). Set in 2018 (lol), the adventure takes place in Mega-City One and also on Titan, the moon of Jupiter, which has been made into a penal colony. I know Dredd is science fiction, but somehow involving space travel in the first published scenario blindsided me.

Anyway! The scenario starts off with the discovery of a murdered judge, which leads them to a microchip that contains the personality and memories of Judge Cal, an insane, now deceased, leader of Mega-City One. He was essentially Caligula — he made his goldfish Chief Judge — and having him come back would be bad. The adventure is about ensuring that doesn’t happen.

It’s pretty good? I get lost a bit in the lore, admittedly, but the structure is pretty sound. You can tell that this is, like, Games Workshop’s second published adventure (OK, more like 8th or so, counting their Call of Cthulhu stuff). It doesn’t quite have the polish or organization I generally expect. Still, it is miles away from most adventures other companies were producing at the time.

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