Rise up, dead RPGs, rise! This week on the Vintage RPG Podcast, we chart the origins of the Old School Revival, specifically the Old School Reference and Index Compilation, or OSRIC, the retroclone of the first edition AD&D rules that kicked it all off (sort of). We also talk a bit about Castles & Crusades, the D20 System, the Open Gaming License and more!Clarification: Gary Gygax, didn’t create Castles & Crusades, Mac Golden and Davis Chenault did. However, they smartly showed it to Gygax early on, he gave advice and publicly endorsed it, after which they positioned the game as what 2E D&D should have been had he not left TSR.

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3 thoughts on “OSRIC

  1. I’m sure I’m not the first to point this out (though I can’t see anyone on Insta or FB commenting on this), but Castles & Crusades isn’t Gary Gygax at all. He released some stuff for it, but the game is chiefly the creation of the brothers Chenault. You know, credit where it’s due, and all.

    Otherwise, great show!

    1. I’ve added a clarification on this – I know those facts, but they somehow got muddied in the chatting. Thanks for looking out!

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