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Marvel Super Special Magazine: Dragonslayer (1981)

Next up, the Dragonslayer comic book adaptation. Not an unusual thing for the era — Krull (1983) got a two-part comic series. This one is a pretty straight adaptation for Marvel, scripted by Denny O’Neil with pencils and colors by Marie Severin and inks by John Tartaglione.

What’s weird to me is the variety of different formats the comic was available in. There were single issues, of course. But the whole story was also printed in Marvel Super Special Magazine #20. That’s the one to pick up — better printing and the extra large art is pretty nice. Then there is also the Marvel Illustrated Book, a mass market paperback reprint of the comic that, due to the size of the pages, has to break up the comic layouts across several pages. They had these for super hero comics as well, but they’ll always feel like a puzzling format to me.

Anyway, that cover by Earl Norem is amazing.

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