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MA1: Children of the Atom (1988)

Children of the Atom (1988) is a bit of a head scratcher. Nearly all this information is also contained in the Gamers Handbook to the Marvel Universe, which came out around the same time, with full color illustrations. Weirder, just two years later, the mutants would get a whole box set. This is probably indicative of the massive popularity of the X-books at the time, and their rapid expansion, but this still seems like an excessive amount of RPG material. I was never much of an X-fan though.

Still, I get it. Within this one book, you get pretty much the entire cross-section of the mutant Marvel universe. There are so many factions — the Morlocks, the Hellfire Club, the Hellions, Freedom Force. There are also so many aliens! The world of mutants is way bigger than you think. Why is the Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman in here? Or Baron Strucker’s kids?

Rounding things out are some mini-scenarios, a couple pages on tech and equipment and guidelines for using the Danger Room.

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