The Unspeakable Oath #4

By Issue Four of The Unspeakable Oath (Fall, 1991), you can see how blurry the lines between official Call of Cthulhu and fanzine of Cthulhu had become. Kevin A. Ross (Escape from Innsmouth), Scott David Aniolowski (Creature Companion) and Keith Herber (Return to Dunwich) have bylines and regular Call of Cthulhu contributor Mark Morrison had a column. Meanwhile, cover artist Blair Reynolds was contributing to Chaosium books.

While things had formalized a bit now, with regular columns towards the front and one time features towards the back, the whole thing still feels like an experimental potpourri and very DIY. There is an exhaustive catalog of period shotguns, new monsters, a card game, new tomes, some fiction, a two-page comic. Its all over the place in the best possible way.

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