Haven: Secrets of the Labyrinth (1983)

Haven: Secrets of the Labyrinth (1983) is the lone expansion I know of for Gamelords’ Haven: The Free City. There is a ton of additional detail in here, primarily for buildings and factions (the thieves guild gets much more detail, which seems like a weird oversight to be lacking from the main book, considering the name of the game system!). There are also more map cards and encounter charts and a good number of adventure outlines. Haven: The Free City was already extremely detailed, Secrets dumps a ton more on you. Particularly for the titular Labyrinth, which only gets a couple pages in the box set (probably because it is such a clear copy of Sanctuary’s Maze district).

Nice art throughout. Gotta point out the weird page numbering though, which is true of all the Thieves’ Guild books and is downright bizarre. Each new book has a new table of contents for the original publication, so this one has a kind of corrected Free City TOC and the pages of these are organized so they get tagged onto the chapters of that book? Which would sort of make sense if this was loose-leaf, but it isn’t, so it doesn’t? I dunno! It was a weird time. Regardless, it is an excellent expansion of an excellent city resource. 

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