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MHAC-6: New York, New York (1985)

New York, New York (1985) is my favorite of the first wave of supplements for the Marvel Super Heroes RPG. Look at that cover by Ron Frenz and Josef Rubenstein! Its so good! This’d later be expanded into a box set that is an excellent utility in its own right, though it has a less awesome cover.

Inside is a cardboard wheel (you need to cut it out and assemble it), a character roster and a set of encounters. The wheel is kind of neat. You can use it instead of the Universal Table, which is nice. You can also use it to determine encounters whenever characters are traversing the city. Hence the encounter book. These are…somewhere between an adventure seed and a mini-scenario and with some GM tinkering, should amount to about a session of play each. Some potentially longer. It’s a nice way to spice up an ongoing campaign.

Lots of weird characters here (also, one of the only non-character oriented pieces of art is of some guy getting hit by a car, which feels hilarious on point for mid-80s NYC). I’ve reproduced the dumbest: White Rabbit, Flying Tiger (you see his flying squirrel like wings?) and Batroc and his doofus accomplices. That Jack O’Lantern is not dumb, though. It is perfect in every way. The different sized eyes! Best Spider-Man villain. No idea who did the art — the list of Marvel artists in the credits is long. Maybe Jim Shooter?

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