GURPS Witch World (1989)

Witch World is another fantasy series I am not entirely familiar with. The work of Andre Norton, she wrote the first novel in 1963 and the cycle continued, with the help of other writers, even after her death. The idea is that there is a parallel world where magic is the primal force (rather than science) and that only woman can properly tap into it. It is often considered the first example of romantic fantasy (that sub genre expands with Katherine Kurtz and Mercedes Lackey and eventually contributes to the creation of the Blue Rose RPG). There are standing stones, some monsters and no shortage of scheming, envious men.

The GURPS setting book Witch World (1989) captures this succinctly. You get an overview of the history of the world, a look at the countries that make it up and a customized, color-coded magic system to tie it all together. The art in the book is quite good, particularly the stuff by Larry MacDougall. As these things go, its a solid effort. Fans of Witch World were no doubt thrilled. Honestly, it made me want to pick up the first novel. I’m a sucker for standing stones.

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