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Kiraz: The Lost City (1989)

Kiraz: The Lost City (1989) picks up where Staff of Fanon leaves off, sort of. During the course of the previous adventure, the players should have some sense that there was a villain who wasn’t dealt with and that the key to doing so might involve two artifacts they found (some body parts of a demon in a locked box, in fact). Kiraz gives them the opportunity to find the third demon bit.

This one is a fairly non-traditional structure, in that the bulk of the material details, sourcebook-like, Kiraz as a general adventuring site. It’s a dwarven city abandoned after a horrible war depopulated it and thus is sort of a riff on Moria (no balrog here though). There is a lot of opportunity to have history come to life in the ruins and no shortage of halls to explore. The inclusion of the necessary artifact for the larger story seems almost an afterthought. I kind of like that though, as the sequence is meant to be slotted in among other adventures, not played through with dedication like a Temple of Elemental Evil sort of thing. The real story of the trilogy takes of in the final volume.

I have to say, this cover by Eric Hotz is one of my absolute favorite pieces of 80s RPG and definitely my favorite piece to come out of Harn. I was delighted when I finally got my hands on it and discovered that inside are page after page of gorgeous maps and cross-sections. Some of the best maps I’ve encountered, I think. And some additionally lovely art. That makes this a super attractive candidate for some non-Harn adventuring, I think.

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