Codex: Angels of Death (1996)

My interest in Warhammer 40k rapidly deteriorates once the second edition of the rules comes out. For me, this is the point the game starts taking itself too seriously and the endless rat holes of lore dig too deep. The bold color choices start to fade. It all gets, well, grimdark. It always was, of course, but I dunno, tone is funny, fickle thing. It doesn’t surprise me that the bombastic silliness and the pointed satire started to take the back seat — when endless war is the constant focus, your players are going to eventually take on a warrior mindset.

There are still bastions of stupidity though, like Codex: Angels of Death. Well, not all of it — a lot of this book is pretty fashy, honestly. But the Death Company Chaplain? That guy is a treasure. He’s trying so hard to be cool! He’s got so many skulls! He demands you take him seriously! But I don’t! He’s such a ding-dong.

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