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Dark Shadows (1968)

OK, this Dark Shadows board game (1968) has nothing to do with RPGs or wargames or anything, but it is straight cool looking. It looks exactly like I want a 1968 board game based on Dark Shadows to look like.

The “board” is actually a very large piece of folded, heavy-weight paper. When I took it out at a recent board game night, everyone stood back from it in hushed silence, not wanting to damage it, as if it were a holy relic. It was pretty funny. (That might have been after someone looked it up and saw a copy going for an astonishing amount on eBay, but I got my copy via Orrin Grey for like $25, so I don’t think it actually belongs in a museum).

Anyway, that is all I really have to say about that! Soak up that delightful retro horror art!

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