10-412 Ral the Balrog (1985)

Here’s the 10th anniversary edition of Tom Meier’s Ral the Balrog (1985). In addition to being an evil wizard, I guess Mr. Partha is also a copyright infringing demon as well.

This is one of my all-time favorite miniatures. I practically knocked over the vendor’s table to grab the box when I saw it at Geek Flea. IN THE BOX. Look at that box! It is so good! The miniature inside is sort of deeply weird in terms of its proportions and its too-wide mouth, but it all comes together in a way that works, I think.

This was painted by the amazing Paul S. Fowler (@MisterFist). You can practically feel the searing heat emanating off of him. I appreciated the hell out of this paint job before I started painting miniatures, but now that I’ve done some of my own, I can’t quite get over some of the detailing in the flames and the armor. So good.

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