Zog Paints!

Batch 2 of my RAFM Call of Cthulhu miniatures were painted by Zog (@hard_elf).
Let’s start with the sinister trio of cultists. I had these ding-dongs in the 90s, but never attempted to paint them back in the day. Then I lost them. Then I got new ones and asked Zac to paint them. Better him than me, look at them! So many good colors, a nefarious bunch if I’ve ever seen one.

Zac got all the groups. Next up in a pack of ghouls. I didn’t have these back in the day but I love them. Thoroughly skulky. Really love the one in human clothes with the book. They go nicely with the deep ones (did that ghoul steal this deep one’s book? Vice versa maybe?). I had these dorks way back when, and actually did an OK job painting them (still have them, too), but these are way better.

Finally, the Dark Young. Love this monster, love this model, love this paint job. Had it as a kid, but this is so, so much better.

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