10-410 The Bear Chariot of the Icelands (1975)

One of Frazetta’s most over the top paintings was his cover illustration for Michael Moorcock’s The Silver Warriors (1972), which features a sled pulled, improbably, by polar bears. At a mere glance, you can hear the [slow heavy metal music playing]. It should come as no surprise that someone made a miniature of it. In this case, Julie Guthrie, for Ral Partha (though with just three bears rather than four): 10-410 — The Bear Chariot of the Icelands (1975). My version is later and, despite the box sporting more realistic art, I find the more cartoonish box art from the earlier tenth anniversary more appealing.

Anywho, this fantastic paint job is courtesy of Shane Brockway (@7he_blindman), who just went absolutely bonkers, particularly with the shattering ice flow of the base. What you can’t see (I couldn’t get a satisfying photo) is that there is a passenger crouched inside the sledge, cowering in what looks like terror, which I think is a pretty apt predictor of my state should I ever be on a sled pulled by bears over a rapidly disintegrating ice sheet.

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