Henry Richardson Paints!

My first brief, mostly failed attempt at painting miniatures back circa 1991 centered on RAFM’s line of Call of Cthulhu miniatures. I got a handful of them from my local comic shop (RIP Infinity Comics) and used Testors model paints. Most of the results are now lost (RIP Dark Young, Nightgaunt, Cthonian) but honestly, no one is sorry for the loss.

A few years ago, RAFM reissued the Call of Cthulhu line, so I bought a bunch of them, some replacements of those long ago miniatures, some new beasties, and sent them off to folks for painting by a bunch of more qualified folks. The first batch back was by Hank Richardson (@3DRoleplay) and they are fantastic.

First up, the Haunter in the Dark, with highlights and a general color scheme I find mesmerizing, particularly in the smoke. Then we have a conical Yithian. I think the conception of the Yithians amounts to one of the most visually compelling aliens ever described. I was a little unsure that this miniature would rise to the occasion, but if the sculpt is a little underwhelming, Hank’s paints elevate the end product. Third is the statuesque, elephantine Chaugnar Faugn, from Frank Belknap Long’s “The Horror from the Hills.” Finally, the byakhee, a sort of interstellar insect creature. I had the byakhee in the 90s, painted it a bland beige. This is definitely an upgrade. Look at that baleful eye!

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