01-001 Evil Wizard, Casting Spell (1975)

Let’s look at some miniatures this week!

First up, this is Ral Partha, the evil wizard. To my knowledge, this was the first miniature produced by Ral Partha Enterprises. He isn’t technically named Ral Partha, he’s 01-001 Evil Wizard, Casting Spell (1975), but he represents Tom Winkler’s character, after whom the company was named. The sorcerous accouterments on the ground are an unusual touch, but also a nice one.

I had no idea I owned this miniature until I finally, thoroughly, went through a box of random minis I bought off a guy who was moving cross country nearly a decade ago. Most of them were badly painted, or half-painted. I didn’t have the heart to toss this one in the thinner though, something about the crudeness of the paint job and the wear it has taken feels very appropriate.

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