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SFAD5: Bugs in the System (1985)

This is SFAD5: Bugs in the System (1985), which I think is supposed to be a continuation of the SF-series modules. Whatever the case, there are no modules numbered SFAD1-4 to my knowledge.

It’s funny how, even without the Union Jack on the cover, something about the feel of the maps in the module would have clued me in to the fact that it was produced in the UK. A fairly utilitarian Easley painting fronts the module — not bad, just…workmanlike.

The scenario itself is pretty wild. It’s another rescue mission involving what amounts to an endangered mining operation, though this time the process involves extracting chemicals floating in a gravitational band in space. There is a lot of computer stuff in this one. I can’t tell, honestly, if the puzzles and such built around the computers are clever or tedious without playing. Probably a mix, veering toward tedious, if I had to bet. But here’s where it get’s kind of weird: the bulk of the adventure revolves around mutated computer code called the Matrix that has become sentient and is trying to escape into the real world. It isn’t like The Matrix films, not really, but it is close enough in a way to make me do a double-take. The bulk of the scenario feels like prelude to the climax, which involves the players trying to find the hidden robot among the surviving crew. That part is straight up great.

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