Call of Cthulhu 40th Anniversary

In 2021, Call of Cthulhu turned 40 years old! This week on the Vintage RPG Podcast, we’re looking at some of the print products that came out in 2022 to celebrate that mind-blasting anniversary — the sinister-looking 40th Anniversary edition of the Keeper Rulebook, the Kickstarted reprint of the first edition Call of Cthulhu box set with its accompanying stack of scenario books and, mostly, the advice-filled Keeper Tips book, full of little anonymous koan-like thoughts on how to run good games. (Stu forgot all about the revamped 40th Anniversary Starter Kit and its handsome new cover, to his eternal shame. Whoops!)

* * *

Want a new Noble Knight discount code? We got ya covered: use VINTAGEHORROR to get 10% off your purchase online or in store. Good through November 18.Speaking of Noble Knight, our friends there are organizing a union and we support their efforts whole-heartedly! We’re firm believers in the non-controversial idea that all workers should be fairly compensated by their employers. Unionization and collective bargaining are an excellent way for workers to ensure they get that fair share. For updates on the process, follow the union Twitter and put “We Roll Together” in the notes field of your online orders to show your support! (And just to be clear, we’re speaking from the heart on this – no one is paying us for our solidarity)Hang out with us on the Vintage RPG Discord!If  you dig what we do, join us on the Vintage RPG Patreon for more roleplaying fun and surprises! Patrons keep us going!Like, Rate, Subscribe and Review the Vintage RPG Podcast!Available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube and your favorite podcast clients.Send questions, comments or corrections to [email protected].Follow Vintage RPG on InstagramTumblr and Facebook. Learn more at the Vintage RPG FAQ.Follow Stu HorvathJohn McGuireVintageRPG and Unwinnable on Twitter.Intro music by George Collazo.The Vintage RPG illustration is by Shafer Brown. Follow him on Twitter.Tune in next week for the next episode. Until then, may the dice always roll in your favor!

2 thoughts on “Call of Cthulhu 40th Anniversary

  1. Thanks for highlighting Noble Knight’s employees Unionization efforts. Sadly, Noble Knight seems to want to union bust instead of support workers rights. I’ve unsubscribed from them and will be buying my gaming needs elsewhere, which is unfortunate because they have some amazing things. To that end, I’d like to ask if you stop partnering with them until they support their employees right to unionize.

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