Hellpits of Nightfang (1979)

OK, you got through the crap, here’s a good one: Hellpits of Nightfang (1979). It’s a non-Glorantha RuneQuest adventure by Jennell Jaquays. It’s no Dark Tower, Duck Tower or Caverns of Thracia, but it is still a nice little scenario for the time.

Nightfang is a Rune Lord vampire, which is a terrifying prospect, and he’s taken up residence near the tomb of a local hero (in one of the three “hellpits,” limestone shafts since filled with rain water) and prowls the countryside with his wolf pack. The dungeon complex is compact, but in typical Jaquays fashion, there are lots of paths connecting the main rooms. It isn’t Ravenloft, but it is a nice adventure site. Nightfang is a challenging opponent and there are plenty of other dangers in the pits to challenge a party.

Plus, the name is just great, isn’t it?

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