Cabin Risotto Fever (2020)

Cabin Risotto Fever (2020) is by Spaghetti Quester and adheres to a gold and black color scheme. This is the first RPG adventure I have encountered that incorporates cooking as a handout, but there you have it, a recipe for marrow broth risotto and instructions to serve it to the players at a critical moment in the scenario.

The adventure is a tight little five-act horror tale, set in the frozen hinterlands of Canada. I expect if the risotto itself or the Manifestus Omnivorous rules (see Monday’s post) haven’t given away the twist, the cover art probably does. But I dunno, I don’t think that matters. Even without those things, I think the adventure is less trying to surprise with its horror than it is to instill the proceedings with a horrible sense of the inevitable.

In short, the players take the roles of four pre-generated characters who make up a rescue party sent out after a small party of anthropology researches lost in a winter storm. They come across the cabin, and the survivors, and try to piece together what happened. It is both gross and weird!

I quite like this one.

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