Eat the Rich (2021)

Eat the Rich (2021) is by Ambika Kirkland and adheres to a burgundy and silver scheme. The three words of the title are a passport directly to my heart.

Here it is the horrible future. The population of Earth has largely been overrun by the Hunger, a disease that renders the affected into ravening cannibals. The rich, well known for their thoughts and prayers, have taken their leave to a floating pleasure dome in the sky, the Godspire, and left earthly concerns behind. This has gone to their heads; with their luxury and technology and safety, they now think they are gods.

Not everyone planetside is a zombie though. Those who have no succumbed to the plague have formed a cult, the leader of which has tasked the players with infiltrating the Godspire and bring them a god, dead or alive (Why? Well, you are what you eat). Complication: it turns out that the gods aren’t safe from the Hunger. The diseases has spread in the Godspire, and changed!

And that is pretty much all you need to know. More than, honestly. The adventure itself is a bit linear, but the dressing of it all and the themes more than make up for that. I particularly enjoy the appallingly gross technology section. And Kirkland’s art is delightful (a truth that applies to all the zines in the Manifestus Omnivorous series, honestly).

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