Giant Creature Sheet III (1980)

Oh man, look at these idiots. I’d quip, but that bear is just killing me.

I generally love standees. They are way easier and cheaper and more convenient and lighter than metal miniatures. You don’t have to paint them! But they’ve never really caught on. There are modern options, sure, but my feeling is that people either want the elaborateness of miniature play (and the accompanying hobby), or just want to stick to theater of the mind.

Despite a pretty robust product line, I don’t think Zargonians lasted very long (there are no dates on these). I think this partly because I got mine from Noble Knight, and they have a ton of them, still in shrink wrap. That gives me “new old stock” vibes, like Bearhug went out of business and 20 years later, the owner sent the remaining stock to Noble Knight one weekend after cleaning out the garage.  

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