Large Creature Sheet 5 (1980)

Last year around this time, I posted about the Game Master Catalog, an attempt in 1980 to produce an industry-wide glossy sales/distro catalog. There are tons of obscure games and accessories in there, but my favorite was Zargonians, a line of die-cut cardboard monster standees from a company called Bearhug Enterprises.

This is Large Creature Sheet 5. You get three identical sheets in the pack. I have no idea who the artist is, but I adore the art. It’s crude and colorful and vibrant in exactly the way I want my old school RPG art. It also…seems ill-informed? Like, the Rakshasa, a sort of woman/dog centaur thing, does not line up with the D&D version of the monster at all. Or anything, honestly. The Roper seems to just be a pile of rocks. Others are obviously trying to avoid copyrighted names — Dimension Beast instead of Displacer Beast, Lopey instead of…I don’t honestly know. The Leucrotta? But then the Beholder is just labeled Beholder, so I dunno. I like how it kind of look like a mushroom forest is growing out of its head, though.

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