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The Last Cyclade (2020)

The Last Cyclade (2020) is the second part of the Mercy of the Icons campaign. It improves on its predecessor in some key ways (though holy wow, it still asks a hell of a lot from the GM to run effectively), then maybe blows it at the end (in a way that the title gives away, actually).

It isn’t apparent in the thick of it, but Emissary Lost does a lot of set-up work as it goes, teaching players about the world of Coriolis and its factions and politics and the complex belief systems that underpin it all. By the opening of this book, the galaxy comes alive, everything makes sense (mostly) on reflex. The end of the first scenario sees the players joining one of the primary factions, too, which gives them clear stakes (and narrows their focus) in positive ways. The second “scenario” here is very loose and open, a collection of mini-adventures and an adventure generator that affords groups to dig into the universe exactly how (and how much) they wish before moving on to the final chapter of the book. As with the first book, all of this is accompanied by gorgeous art and richly detailed writing. I want to luxuriate here forever.

But I can’t. Because, well, I am not going to explicitly spoil the ending, but paradigms, they are shifting. The new status quo will be revealed in the third installment, which is hopefully forthcoming though I’ve not seen any announcements or news to that effect [edit: coming early in 2023!]. Until then, you and I both will have to wait with baited breath, for both the finale of the campaign and, perhaps, a final judgment on Coriolis as an RPG setting.

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