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Dune (2013)

I am not a gigantic science fiction fan, so I can’t speak with absolute authority on this, but it seems to me that Dune is unusually flexible in its aesthetics. By which I mean, a lot of different folks have visually interpreted Dune a lot of different ways and I find them A. All pleasing in different ways and B. Still identify them as “Duney” no matter how disparate they may be.

That said, this is my favorite — the 2013 “special markets” edition from Barnes & Noble. Not only is it my favorite looking Dune (god, the color scheme of the orange and the deep blue in leatherette, with all the gilt, is so good), I reckon it is also the best looking of all B&N’s gift editions. It just looks SHARP, you know?

Anyway, Dune is great.

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