Bounty Hunters (2002)

Steve Jackson Games produced a number of comic book-sized supplements for GURPS Traveller. I am not sure if this is a reference to the digest-sized original Traveller books or if the comic format was economical at the time, but I find it generally appealing. This is the first in the Heroes line, dedicated to Bounty Hunters (2002). It is also the last of the Heroes line, which is a bit of a shame, because this is a good delivery system for rule centered on a single trade and its plying.

You get information on how bounty hunting works, some mechanical things that support it (a character template, some skills, an adventure) and the fictional context for the profession. I love that the book drills down into the jobbiness of bounty hunting — this is how freelancers work, this is how salaried corporate hunters work. Much is made of the distinction between skip tracers (who track down bail jumpers) and repo-men, who are interested in finding stuff rather than people (and probably would be happy to avoid people entirely). I kinda love the idea of running a space repo-man campaign! How scummy!

Gotta say, the Brom cover art is a surprise and is so outside my preconceived visual aesthetic for Traveller that I could feel it shifting and rewriting the moment I saw it. Padded, space Renaissance armor with weird saw blade weapons. Yes please. I want this Traveller.

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