The Books. They Exist.

I know my book exists in the real world, because my advanced copies arrived earlier this week. I like to think that I have been pretty even-keeled through this whole process, but man, having these things in my hands prompted such a rush of emotions. Even now, a couple days later, every time I see them sitting on the chair in the corner of my office, its just about all I can do to keep from falling over.

HOLY CRAP THE BOOK IS REAL! Legit: it is entirely different to hold it in your hands. The digital files don’t do it justice, the photos either. I can not wait for y’all to see this thing and crack it open.

Go on, go pre-order this thing to make sure you get a copy on October 10, especially if you want that deluxe edition, because that was printed in limited quantities. Oh man, the custom end papers in that look so goooooooooood.

Pre-order the deluxe here.

Pre-order the regular edition here.

I highly recommend pre-ordering through (regular, but especially the deluxe). They know how to properly pack and ship books (which is definitely not the case for Amazon) and you can select a local bookseller to receive a portion of the price as part of Bookshop’s profit-sharing. I really like that.

Oh, what, you want more pictures? (click to embiggen in a new tab)

Regular on the left, Deluxe on the right.
Back cover of the Regular (it is an unattached sheet on the Deluxe, which also comes with a print with no text of the regular cover)
The Deluxe, tucked in the slip case. It’s got gilt pages and a ribbon bookmark.
The Deluxe also has custom end pages. Old boxes in the front, new spines in the back!

4 thoughts on “The Books. They Exist.

  1. So much I could say about this but I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the illustration for the 1970s echoes Trampier’s immortal player-facing illustration for the Dungeon Master’s Screen!!!!!!!!!! *explodey head emoji*

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