RQ1 4

The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories (2020)

As the Call of Cthulhu starter box leads to Doors to Darkness, a collection of adventurers designed with both beginning players AND GMs in mind, so to does the RuneQuest start box lead to The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories (2020). It is a collection of small adventures and interesting locations. They almost all abide by the notion that “everything is not what it seems,” that is so casually central to RuneQuest these days. A good number of them end with some extremely nice rewards, be they magic items or, in the case of the titular scenario, mounts (though, oddly, not pegasi — rather the players can bond with hippogriffs, which are probably cooler, honestly). Only one hews towards more hack and slash, though even that one has considerable nuance and a high probability that hackers and slashers will hack and slash the wrong thing first.

My favorite bit is the last section, which briefly details a settlement called Renekot’s Hope, where a small group of folks live. Elsewhere in Glorantha, they’d be at odds thanks to the wars and great powers of the world, but here, they’ve left all that behind. The folks of the Hope want to be left alone by the outside world, and find common cause in looking out for each other. It is a great place for players to make their home and to escape, for a little while, the complexities of the wider world.

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