Putrescence Regnant (2021)

Man oh man, this is Putrescence Regnant (2021), a bog crawl for Mörk Borg. There is something magical about Mörk Borg, in that its aesthetics are capable of creating ridiculous things that are also right in a perfect nexus of complimentary interests. To wit: I am interested in this product for many reasons.

First among them is more Mörk Borg and Johan Nohr’s art and design sense. Second among them is the application of that to the design constraints of a vinyl LP. Both versions (the regular yellow and the Kicskstarter exclusive foil on black) acquit themselves well — there is indeed a fully crawlable Mörk Borg bog laid out across the gatefold and in a sumptuous booklet. Given the small size of the Mörk Borg book, the big vistas of the 12×12 seem entirely decadent. The bog itself, filled as it is with undead and bad air, is suitably horrible.

Third, I like moody, ambient music. Partly for RPGs, but also for writing and also for sitting in my office being moody. Triple threat. This tilts a bit more towards the punishing metal end of the spectrum, but not really in a loud way. It’s quietly punishing. Well, that’s not entirely true either, it’s loud, it’s just not construction site loud. Greg Anderson of Sunn O))) unleashes riffs on one track, for instance. Again, perfect for Mörk Borg.

Fourth, and somewhat surprisingly, I really enjoyed the roguelike videgame Darkest Dungeon, which I think shares a lot of aesthetic cues with Mörk Borg. To my delight, voice actor Wayne June, who memorably narrates Darkest Dungeon, lays down a track of dark prophecy here. It is perfect. And terrifying? Shocked to report that it approaches the rare classification of “like Requiem for a Dream,” in that I acknowledge its quality and maybe don’t ever want to experience it again because I found it physically disturbing. High marks for a person talking over music.

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