Tony DiTerlizzi Interview (Remastered)

Contrary to Mick’s claim, time was not on our side this past week, so we had to dig into our archive for another remastered rerun. When we redid the fairly recent Erol Otus interview last time, I made a mental note to stretch further back and pluck our interview with Tony DiTerlizzi out of the mists of time. It remains one of my favorite RPG chats, public or private, and certainly deserves a second moment in the spotlight.  Original show notes from June 24, 2019:We have a very special guest this episode: illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi graced us with a full length interview. We chat about his influences, Dragon Mountain, the Monstrous ManualPlanescape, Magic the Gathering, the Spiderwick Chronicles, Hong Kong dinosaurs (you can read Tony’s post on these and their influence on Dungeons & Dragons here) and so much more – and we barely scratch the surface, honestly.

* * *

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