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The Fence’s Fortuitous Folly (2018)

The Fence’s Fortuitous Folly (2018) is the second DCC Lankhmar module. Where the first was preoccupied with the sordid criminal life of the city, this one examines the taint of sorcery that so often lurks down Lankhmar’s dark alleys.

This is a quick one that starts off at the shop of a fence, where two silver plated skeletal hands are displayed, then scuttle off on their own. A chase ensues (the hands supposedly will lead those who follow to a fortune, of course) which uses a fun chase chart to track. The chase ends at a ruined building, where a short dungeon crawl commences and players find the owner of the hands and his nefarious purpose is revealed. It is pretty straightforward and fun (though there is still room for some oddball DCC touches, like an intelligent jelly that can be bargained with).

Ken Kelly is on the cover, and I like it. Inside are Brad McDevitt, Doug Kovacs, Stefan Poag and Cliff Kurowski.

Oh, I should mention that the metallic text on the covers? I think that indicates they were published for the Kickstarter run. I don’t know if they have been reissued since without? But I would love to know that little bit of printing trivia, if it is in your brain.

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