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A Time to Harvest (2022)

I was extremely excited about A Time to Harvest (2022) because of what it is not. Practically every Call of Cthulhu campaign of note has one thing in common: international travel. While I love a good globe-trotting, I was keen to experience “Death and discovery in the Vermont Hills.”

Players take the role of Miskatonic University students (or, I guess, faculty) who take part in a dual purpose expedition to Vermont: one team is researching local folklore, the other performing a geological survey. Cthulhu Mythos hijinks abound, but I don’t really want to get into details, considering how recent the book’s publication and how much the plot turns on a certain amount of mystery.

That said, I’m down for outré horror in quaint New England towns. There is a fun jaunt to Quebec as well, and some other surprising locales. It’s also a very agile production. It supports the GM well — a novice should have no problem with this, and a veteran has lots of room to improvise and expand on the material. It also scales nicely from classic CoC to Pulp, which is harder to pull off than I think most folks realize. In terms of construction, there is a nice variety in the scenarios and plenty of twists. The art is very nice throughout as well, though I can’t show you the best bits because spoilers. Ugh.

Bottom line: it is very good, has quite a few surprises and returns the game to a cozy sort of local horror I’ve been hungry for (y’all know how much I love those Lovecraft Country books).

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