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Keeper Tips (2021)

What a pure delight this book is. This is Keeper Tips (2021): “Collected Wisdom on Running Games,” published in celebration of Call of Cthulhu’s 40th anniversary. The idea here is for a group of esteemed keepers and game designers to offer short snippets of advice. Those snippets were then organized into thematic groupings — Horror, Inclusivity, Monsters, Props and so on.

There is no attempt at uniformity. All the contributors run (and write) very different sorts of games, so their advice runs the gamut, sometimes one paragraph of advice being contradicted by the next. Better: all of it is uncredited in-line. They become, in aggregate, like Buddhist koans to ponder, puzzle over, embrace or discard.

Because that’s the thing, right: it’s all valid! Every group at every table has different needs and wants, so there isn’t a “correct” way to play or run any game, just the best way in the needs of the moment. That’s perhaps the wisest lesson of Keeper Tips.

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